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Our Main Programmes


Our Transformational Entertainment/Media strategy designed to attract, discover talents, harness, train and empower as many that are interested in entertainment.

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Universal Brethren

..Is simply a 24/7 Media Church that allows you to participate in activities inthe House of the lord no matter where you are.

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Ethical Media

...is a program that broadcasts the Vision to raise and train a new generation of transformed Media Content Providers aimed at Production of Movies, Radio/TV programs,Magazines,Music,and internet contents free from obscenity,nudity,smut, profanity, and bloody violence.

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Vision & Mission

OUR VISION is Reducing to the minimal the negative effect of corrupt media content for viewers globally & OUR MISSION is To raise and train a new generation of transformed media contentment providers / entertainers with character and leadership potentials, that will influence the production of Television, Radio and Internet contents free from obscenity, Vulgar, Nudity ,Profanity, Violence and Unnecessary sex etc.

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