Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Simply Passionate About Bettas

Fish reproduction - WikipediaMost betta keepers house their bettas in unfiltered tanks, lacking an aerator or bubbler, and change 100% from the water often, and wash the tank and decor every time. This is an acceptable and simple way of keeping your betta fish store. This care sheet assumes that your particular tank is uncycled.

However, there is often a great deal of debate over whether bettas are more satisfied in unfiltered tanks with 100% water changes, or filtered, cycled tanks. Please refer towards the stickied topic “Bettas and Filtration: What You Should Know” to acquire more information.

Tanks which are 2.5 gallons and are best heated with submersible, adjustable aquarium heaters. Because they focus on a thermostat, they are going to keep the water temperature stable despite modifications in ambient room temperature. Because they may be adjustable, it is easy to adjust the temperature when treating illnesses.

Water temperature needs to be monitored carefully. Because these are not adjustable and do not work on a thermostat, temperature within the tank may fluctuate with room temperature, so care should be taken that ambient temperature is stable.

When you buy a new fish, your betta must be acclimated for the water of the new tank. Sudden temperature and water parameter changes are stressful and could be deadly. The tank must be prepared before you bring your betta home.

Driftwood is effective for soft water fish like bettas. It releases beneficial tannins into the water, similar for the betta’s native habitat. However, it’s best to buy driftwood marked specifically for aquarium use, as driftwood found outdoors could possibly be contaminated.